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Learn About Your Cat's Diet and Exercise Needs

Thank you for visiting us. This page introduces you to the idea of letting your cat play with her food.  The rest of the site and the sites we link to will educate you about feline obesity, what causes it, and how it contributes to many other health problems.  We will also tell you what you can do to avoid or reduce feline obesity. By making sure your cat gets exercise and eats a healthy diet, you and your vet can ensure her the longest and healthiest life possible. Whether your cat is fat, bored, lethargic, needs mental stimulation, or just loves fun toys she will love my Feeding Frenzy toy.  Please take a second to see the SLIDE SHOW below.  Double click on it to see the VIDEO of the Feeding Frenzy in action. It is an adjustable rolling cat food and treat dispenser that doesn't drop crumbs but does keep your kitty busy and stimulated for minutes or hours - you decide.

Feline Obesity

What's Wrong with a Tubby Tabby?

Cat Health and Supplies

PhatCat Toys will teach you how to take care of your cat's diet and exercise needs which is important for many reasons ultimately leading to a longer, more comfortable life. 50% of America's cats are overweight, with 40% of them being obese (at least 15% higher than ideal body weight).  Some cats are not overweight but they just sit around all day with no spark of activity or signs of life except to get up and eat, drink,...etc.  Within our pages you will find information on how to tell if your cat's weight is just right, a little heavy, obese, or even too skinny. PhatCat Toys and our links will hopefully enlighten you on how you can improve the quality of your cat's life if you take a common sense approach to feeding and playing with her.   Being a responsible pet owner is important to many people, many of whom love their pets and want them to live for ever.  Our goal is to show you how obesity can lead to a multitude of problems that never have to happen if our pets get a good diet and some exercise, sometimes at the same time.

You may notice that as people are getting fatter, so are our pets. As we accept larger versions of ourselves, we have come to see our tubby tabbies as normal or 'cute'.  Vets have noticed this too.  The fact is that obesity causes many of the same (and other) problems in our cats as it does in us, but unlike us the cats don't know any better and they tend to eat if food is available.  Because your cat's world revolves around you (sometimes you wouldn't think so!) your tubby tabby is probably all your doing, and it's your job to help them live the healthiest, longest life possible.  In addition to informing and educating you on Feline Obesity, Phatcat Toys would like this opportunity to show you our Feeding Frenzy Toy which will entertain your cat endlessly and stimulate her every sense.  The Feeding Frenzy is a food and treat dispenser that measures out edibles as your kitty pushes and kicks it around the room.  I say 'measures out' because YOU get to set the speed at which the toy dispenses its goods.

What Can I do about my Tubby Tabby?

The Feeding Frenzy:

  • Feed, Exercise, and mentally stimulate your cat all at once.
  • Have an Infinitely Adjustable Dispensing Hole - Feed Slowly or Quickly.
  • Are Great for Portion Control Feeding.
  • Are Easy to Fill.
  • Are Easy to Clean.
  • Offer Challenging and Rewarding Entertainment.
  • Are a Constructive Outlet for Feline Agression.
  • Curb Separation Anxiety.
  • Are Transparent and can hold either Edibles, Loose Catnip, or Material-Wrapped Catnip.
...holds 1/2 cup of dry edibles
Feeding Frenzy Holds up to 1/2 cup of dry edibles
Choose Your Cap Colors Price $8.49


Great for small or large amounts of food for longer play or 2 cats

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If you would like to change the colors of the caps we can send you each color.  Just order extra caps below for $1.49 and no shipping cost:

Choose Your Extra Caps

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If you have a coupon code starting with 'AC' you are entitled to free alternate caps for each toy you order (no limit). DO NOT ADD ANY EXTRA CAPS TO YOUR CART/ORDER. Enter your coupon code at the final checkout page and I will automatically add your free caps to your order.  If you order extra caps by accident and pay for them I will refund your money for any extra caps.  


YOU set the infinitely adjustable dispensing hole on the side of the toy with a simple turn of the top cap (above), deciding whether it takes minutes or hours for your cat to eat her meal.  This way your cat can play with her food, as she was meant to in nature, using this toy to satisfy her wild side.  It encourages any cat to work for her food, because when you think about it, animals' bodies have evolved to thrive when meals are associated with some sort of calorie burning hunting or gathering activity.  Wonder why humans are getting fatter? - The way we hunt for food is usually only at the supermarket.   Whether you buy our toy or not, please stay a while and look around.  There are a lot of pointers and much advice on FELINE OBESITY and its complications, as well as DIET and EXERCISE tips that will be useful to any cat.  There are also many links in the margins and bodies of the pages to other sites with appropriate information.  Please take time to learn about and take care of your cat's health needs because if you don't no one will.

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